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We hope you find t this page informative, however If you have any questions, or would like to find out more about our curriculum, please feel welcome to email Melanie Hall-Judd at mhalljudd@priorycroydon.org.uk, or contact the School Office here.

The Priory Curriculum embodies the core framework of the school: our fundamental values and aims for every student.

The capacity to transform a young person’s life for the better, through positive relationships and engaged learning, so that they may become happy and active citizens, is at the heart of the Priory Curriculum.

The foundation for high quality teaching and learning is the school curriculum.  The curriculum is designed to ensure that teachers and other staff are working to attain the best possible outcomes for all students in their lives, especially around long-term outcomes such as employment, living as independently as possible with the greatest degree of autonomy, enjoying good health and wellbeing and being included.

High quality teaching and learning is intended to lead to young people having a rich, full and enjoyable adult life.

The Priory Curriculum is largely based on the model below

priory curriculum

curriculum graphic

Making Teaching and learning personal

The Priory Curriculum provides a broad and inclusive starting point for teachers to use to:

  • design the yearly curriculum provision for their class
  • provide students with the most suitable curriculum entitlement including access to the National Curriculum where assessed as appropriate
  • ensure that all students receive programmes of personalized teaching and learning that will meet their individual EHCP outcomes
  • work effectively with the multi-disciplinary team of therapists and behaviour support specialists

Progress and personal achievement is recorded, assessed and celebrated using a variety of tools that are accessible for students and parents and carers, including an online progress record called ‘Onwards and Upwards’.

The curriculum is supported by:

  • Two Lego Therapist who work with small groups of students
  • Two skilled Behaviour and Learning Intervention Practitioners working with families and class teams on student’s behaviour
  • Trained Emotional Literacy Support Assistants working with individuals and small groups
  • A range of emotional therapists including music therapist, art therapist, play therapist and aroma therapist.
  • Three mental health leaders and are working on a collaborative project with Croydon supporting young people with mental health concerns

Learner Pathways

Learner Pathways

This process of refinement starts with the initial assessment of each young person’s strengths, needs and abilities. The key document for this stage of the process is the Education, Health and Care Plan.

Students are allocated to a specific Learner Pathway based on assessment of their learning styles and needs.

This is reviewed regularly to ensure all students have a peer group and the highest possible academic opportunities while at Priory School.

Staff skills are developed to ensure progression of learning is captured and accelerated, through high level support.

Assessment is tailored to pathway and to the individuals within it.

Visit the Learning Pathway page for full details

learner pathway teams

This map shows how teachers collaborate with Pathway Leads and specialist staff working in their Learner Pathway.

  • planning and delivering relevant, engaging, motivating and purposeful Programmes of Study
  • providing opportunities for all students to meet their EHCP outcomes and targets through a rich and engaging curriculum




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