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Post 16 Curriculum


The Priory Post-16 curriculum is based on the needs, interests and talents of our pupils and incorporates essential life skills and vocational training. The curriculum is delivered through an on-site and off-site model that provides students with the opportunities to practice and develop their skills in ‘real life’ settings and contexts.

The Post-16 curriculum focuses on:

  • Personalised learning in the local community
  • Learning to access current adult provision and resources
  • Vocational guidance as part of students’ social and personal education
  • Work related skills, knowledge and understanding
  • Individual purpose and meaningful lives
  • Students’ individual needs, choices and interests
  • Raising the profile of adults with LDD in the local community
  • Facilitating collaborative working practices with a full range of adult provision to maximise individuals potential for independent living

Post 16 accreditation

Each student follows a unique course, which is based on promoting the skills they need to develop in order to arrive at their destination. Students’ achievements are accredited through the ASDAN Youth Award Scheme (Towards Independence) and the school is expanding the accreditation available through other suitable awarding bodies.

We continue to deliver ASDAN Towards Independence courses.  These are selected to reflect  student’s interests and aspirations.  Students complete a minimum of one unit a year in KS5.   A number of students also complete work experience awards in KS5.  To build on this well-established course, staff have identified an ASDAN qualification that could be delivered in conjunction with the towards independence modules. The personal progress programme is a three-tiered course.  All students in Post-16 will achieve the award in Year 12, and the full certificate by the end of year 14.  A small number of students will also achieve a diploma by the end of year 14. Students will complete literacy and numeracy units each year alongside personalised units which support their journey beyond school.

A number of students will also work towards the Duke of Edinburgh award. This is delivered as a 4 year course,  completed in year 14.  The Duke of Edinburgh award is achieved by completing a personal programme of activities in four categories; Volunteering, Physical, Skills and an Expedition.

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