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Remote Learning at Priory School - Information for Parents


Following the Government announcement that schools would move to remote learning during periods of National Lockdown, Priory School have set out our offer to students who are not attending school during this time.  This information sheet also outlines the plan for short term non-attendance when students have been identified as a close contact of a positive case.   Please click on each question to read the relevant information.

  • What will I receive to support home learning?

    You will receive a home learning pack either covering a 2 or 4 week period, depending on the length of the lockdown.  Each pack will usually be delivered to you, although smaller ones may be posted. . You will also receive all the worksheets are resources required.    Some students will receive additional equipment such as paints, therapy resources, visual timetables, IT equipment, sensory materials.  Your teacher will also provide a weekly schedule of online zoom sessions that your child can join in with.  These sessions will be with the student's class teachers and peers.  There will also be sessions with the therapists for small groups.   Additionally we will be holding wider group sessions e.g. for a pathway or whole school activity.  

    You can also access materials on our You Tube Channel Just search ‘Priory School Croydon’, there are a number of pre-recorded lessons available.  You will also be able to access information videos there on supporting challenging behaviour, delivering story massage etc.

    Finally, we have a home learning platform that can be accessed at https://www.prioryhomelearning.co.uk/

  • Will my child be taught the same curriculum as if they were in school?

    Your child’s teacher will create a home learning pack that reflects the curriculum of your child’s Pathway. This may not be an exact replica of what is being taught at school, but the teacher will make sure that all worksheets and resources sent home are relevant to the strands and topics that have been covered in school. We will also include any extra resources you may need to support the learning, such as communication aids. You will be contacted weekly to discuss any progress your child is making with learning.  This will be an opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have.  

    Students will also be invited  to attend weekly online lessons with with the class group (where appropriate for the class) as well as extra- curricular online sessions for all students. The timetable for this will be sent weekly to you by your teacher.

  • Does my child have to engage in home learning?

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  • Due to the nature of my child’s needs they will not be able to access home learning, what are the alternatives

    We would encourage you to engage your child in daily living skills with you, such as washing, cleaning and cooking.  We know that many of our students view school as the place where they learn and work, and home as a place to relax. There are plenty of opportunities to incorporate communication, literacy and numeracy into practical activities around the home. 

  • Does my child have to engage in home learning?

    We would encourage all students to engage to some degree in home learning, to avoid losing skills.  However, we are aware that this can place considerable strain on the family dynamics and on your child.  We would not want to make this experience any more difficult than it is, and would simply encourage maintaining positive family relationships.

  • How will you measure progress?

    Your class teacher will be in contact weekly to discuss progress, which we will record. We would also encourage you to share work and home activities with us.  Your spring term report will be a summary of the term's activities and progress.  When school returns to normal we will fully reassess,  and ensure that students access catch up lessons where appropriate.  

  • How will the students catch up on their learning after the lockdown?

    As a school, we remain committed to the education of all our students during this difficult time. However, we are also aware that, for many, lockdown will be a challenging time and so,  when students return after lockdown, we will initially focus on what is known as a Recovery Curriculum. This curriculum will run alongside our normal offer.  However it will focus on students' mental health, and on building up skills that may have been lost due to lockdown, in order to re-focus students and ensure they are ready to learn. We will also assess student’s levels when they return and provide interventions where necessary to ensure students can catch up on their learning.

  • How will the school keep in contact with me?

    You will be contacted weekly by a member of the class team to discuss your child’s progress with learning,  and any other issues you may have. You can also email your teacher or therapist at any time if you wish to discuss anything further. Annual Reviews of EHCP will still be going ahead remotely.

  • How will you meet the provision as outlined on the EHCP?

    In regards to Therapy provision on an individual’s EHCP, this will be discussed with the families as to the best way to access this during lockdown. The support offered will vary depending on the extent of delivery stated on the EHCP.  Additional support will also be given to teachers, to provide therapy-based activities and resources to send home.  Additionally, reasonable adaptations will be made to online sessions for students, where appropriate. Annual Reviews will continue to go ahead remotely.

  • How can I access the therapists?

    Therapists can be contacted directly by email and are happy to carry out online meetings or phone call with parents. We are aware that many students have therapeutic programmes at school,  so please do contact the Therapy team if you would like to discuss further how to embed these into home learning. If you wish to speak to a therapist but do not have their email, please raise this with your teacher and we will make sure that they make contact with you.

  • What if we do not have a computer or internet at home?

    Please do let your class teacher know if you do not have access to a computer at home.  Through the government scheme, we have a small number of laptops available to distribute to families.  The school will install filters on the laptops, however, as with personally owned laptops, parents are responsible for keeping their child safe online.

  • How does the offer above look different if my child is isolating due to a bubble closure, but the school is open?

    If the school is open but there is a bubble closure, you can expect to receive a two week home learning plan for your child with suggested activities that can be carried out in the home that reflect each of the Pathway Curriculum Learning Strands.  You will also be contacted weekly by the class teacher to discuss any issues or any further support you may need whilst self -isolating.  Learning packs will be available within 2 school days of a bubble closure. 

  • If I need specialist equipment how can I access this?

    If you require any specialist Therapy equipment to be sent home, please contact Occupational Therapist or Speech Therapist directly so we can discuss with you the most appropriate way to do this.  Any learning materials can be delivered home as well, please liaise with the class teacher.

  • Can I access advice from school regarding strategies to support my child’s behaviour at home?

    Yes of course, your child’s teacher will be able to put you in contact with Tanya or Marco who will be able to offer strategies during this time at home. 

If you need any support at all please do let us know and we will directly help or signpost you as necessary

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