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Key Findings of the Ofsted Inspectors

This school continues to be Good

  • ‘There is a strong safeguarding culture within the school. Records clearly show how leaders effectively put policies into practice.’
  • ‘Staff know their pupils well and are sensitive to any changes that they see in their behaviour. Any unusual patterns of behaviour that cause concern are recorded in detail and followed up appropriately.’
  • ‘You and your team have a vision for the pupils of ‘brilliant lives’ and a mission ‘to provide a learning community that inspires and empowers individuals to do amazing things’. This forms the character of the whole school and was apparent on the day of the inspection. The shared values of ambition, respect, courage, pride and happiness were evident in many areas of the school’s work.’
  • ‘The school’s most recent progress information for core subjects shows strong outcomes for pupils at key stages 3 and 4.’
  • ‘Pupils say that they enjoy school and are happy and safe. Parents and carers report that their children are excited to come to school and they are well taught. They also say that their children are safe and the staff welcoming, positive and supportive. Pupils are well behaved in lessons and when moving around the school. Exclusions are extremely rare and attendance is very closely monitored and analysed by leaders.’
  • ‘There is a strong emphasis on transition, both into the school at secondary transfer and at 19. Pupils are well prepared for the next stage in their lives and all secure places in further education or training.’
  • ‘There is a clear focus on developing pupils’ independent living and employability skills. During the inspection, pupils made their own lunches and enjoyed eating them in the life skills flat.’
  • Post-16 pupils have many opportunities to complete a work experience placement such as working at a restaurant, farm, food bank and hairdressers. Enterprises like the tuck shop enable them to develop appropriate skills as they buy in stock and record sales.
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